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Buy Certified Domain Names
$4.99USD Monthly

The Certified Domain validation process is quick and easy.

To acquire Certified Domain accreditation, you must undergo a credentials check that confirms the contact information provided with your domain registration.
Once the credentials have been authenticated, electronically issues a non-transferable Certified Domain seal that you can load to your website and WhoIs display. This process can generally be completed in 10 minutes, with the Certified Domain seal issued to your site within 1 business day.
The seal remains there until it expires or until a change in your domain contact information makes it necessary for you to reapply for accreditation.

Increase Your Website Performance with Premium DNS
$4.84USD Monthly
Unlimited domains for one low price

Secure your DNS with DNSSEC

Always online with Secondary DNS

99.999%† uptime guarantee

Reduce "website not found" errors
You know that "website not found" errors make it look like your site doesn't exist, but did you know that the inability to access a website is related to DNS issues 30% of the time?

Mission-critical Secondary DNS
Power outages and Internet routing problems can take down your primary DNS, making your website unavailable and leaving your visitors high and dry! Premium DNS provides a secondary DNS to deliver your domain name and keep your website accessible.